Our Team


Artem is one our full LAMP Stack developers that have many years of experience developing web applications. Motivated to move projects forward more than anyone else. A relentless desire to learn and grow, and mission accomplishment.


Quinton is the first civilian support member of M9 and assists in Sales and Account Management. With Quinton’s project management skills and experience, you can be certain that your project runs smoothly and meets its deadlines.


Andrew has always had a passion for solving problems through technology. Whether it involves, photography, design, code or a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking, He is always game. He models his work ethic by the old cliché; Work Smarter, Not Harder


Morgan’s photography work will make your website come to life. His knack for handling a camera merged with his passion for websites and technology brings beauty and vibrancy to all of your digital media.


Maxim’s programming passion and skills are truly an asset to M9 and its clients. With Maxim’s expertise in mobile application development your brand mobile application exposure that it needs to stand out among even it’s toughest competitors


Max was rescued by Alex and joined our team in 2016.   He is responsible for keeping morale high and helping people understand that it’s the simple things in life that mean the most.  Max enjoys daily visits to the dog park, long naps, walks, shedding, treats and being a good boy!